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Aaahh… its been a long time ago, me and my friends always thinking about Kuroshitsuji cast. Then last night i decided to make one of mine, not actress or actors, but putting visual kei band man as the player…fufufufu… So… this is it !!! These are my choices  (‘∀’●)

  • Acid Black Cherry as Sebastian Michaelis
  • Screw’s Kazuki as Undertaker
  • d=out’s Kouki as Ronald Knox
  • DOG inThe PWO’s Mei as Alois Trancy
  • d=out’s Reika as Viscount Druitt
  • Alice Nine’s Shou as Snake
  • 美女♂menZ’s Tohru as Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’
  • Alice Nine’s Tora as Claude Faustus
  • L’Arc en Ciel’s Yukihiro as Lao

It is really hard to do, choosing who was the first best to plays the Black Butler casts. And for the pictures, I just randomly google all of them desperately to find the best pictures… Orzzz

Some of you may had a thought that Tora should play Sebastian, but i’d rather to choose Acid Black Cherry. And Tora, i think he was the best one to play Claude.. (。・ω・。) But you guys had your own choices, so, just choose your player guys (๑・ω-)~♥”

Pictures source : google

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